‘TheWizardliz’ – The persona that created a revolution in its own right

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Lize Dzjabrailova aka TheWizardliz has taken over the Internet almost by a storm. This personality has over 5 million subscribers on YouTube with 70 videos on the platform. She is also active on TikTok, Instagram and is a major Internet celebrity.

The 21st century has seen some major figures arrive on the mainstream especially post the pandemic era. Influencers like Andrew Tate, Sneako, Zherka, Adin Ross, Bradley Martin have witnessed enormous rise in followers on their social media platforms.

TheWizardliz also made it big during this time. One thing this world has never lacked and has only seen excess of with days passing by is chaos or simply put confusion.

There is no dearth of mindless content on the Internet and the efforts to mislead the new generation coming up have not been in vain. People are depressed, weak and confused more than ever.

A lot of people have started to look at certain influencers like Tate who seem to be the solution to their problem. People are willing to take nearly all their words and advices to heart without applying their own brains.

TheWizardliz is however a fine influencer. Certain advices by her may not be correct, but most of what she says always makes sense.

Its funny how easy and simple her video creation is. She gives genuine advice which is helpful to a large sect of people.

You can check out her channel to see more of her videos. Anyway, that was all. Take care, have fun and bye.

Help us reach more people

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