‘Everywhere I Go’, the song that put Hollywood Undead in a league of its own

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‘Everywhere I Go’ is one song that comes to mind when I think of Hollywood Undead. Hollywood Undead had a unique style of music creation.

The band’s music production has undergone quite a lot of changes over the years. Their music with Deuce as the lead singer was significantly different compared to Danny who replaced him.

Nevertheless, the band has produced some really great tracks over the years.

Everywhere I Go was a song that was released on 29th July 2009 as the fifth single and the third track of their debut album ‘Swan Songs’ which has been their best album ever till date.

Song Review and Meaning

Well, to be honest I don’t rock with the message behind the song which is about hooking up with random people, getting wasted after doing drugs and alcohol and partying like a brainless maniac.

However, the song is definitely amazing to listen to. Everything about the video and the music is raw which is very reminiscent of that era.

It reminds you of how people hung out during the afternoons and when real life socializing was still high because the Internet facilities were limited which was pretty much the scenario for teens from several countries across the globe.

The song meaning is as clear as the lyrics. Its not really inspiring in any way but definitely entertaining. It depicts the lifestyle of the band members at the time who were focused on partying, sleeping around and doing drugs.

That was my opinion on the song. Let me know yours in the comments.

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