How the Assassination of Franz Ferdinand led to World War 1

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Alright, guys so I decided to talk about a different topic today. Since, I have a slight interest in history I thought I will talk about them in my blog posts.

Archduke Franz Ferdinand Carl Ludwig Joseph Maria (full name of Franz) was supposed to be the heir to the throne of Austria-Hungry empire. His father was Archduke Carl Ludwig from Austria.

Franz and his wife Sophie Chotek went for a visit to Sarajevo a place where some Bosnians and Serbians lived and who hated Franz and his ideology. A group called the Young Bosnia consisting of Bosnian Serbs had planned to assassinate him.

One of the Bosnians hired to assassinate Franz threw a bomb at his car while Franz and his wife were leaving Sarajevo. The bomb bounced off his car and hit the officers travelling behind him instead. Franz then decided to visit the hospital where the officers were injured and ended up taking a slightly different route. His car stopped at place where Gavrilo Pricip another member of the Young Bosnia was present. He took out his pistol and shot both Franz and his wife dead.

It was speculated that Serbian military intelligence had planned the assassination after smuggling the assassination team across the border. Serbia and Austria-Hungary had earlier been in conflict for ages. So, Austria-Hungary wanted to declare war on Serbia. Austria-Hungary were allies with Germany and approached Germany for support.

Serbia was supported by Russia and Russia was allies with France. So, with Serbia joining the war, Russia would’ve joined too which would lead to France also joining it, but France restrained for sometime and so did Britain initially.

Germany had a plan to dominate France first and then move to conquering Russia. But, they decided to enter via France-Belgium border and not the France-Germany border as France had a huge army defending its border with Germany and Germany could not waste any time fighting the French troops.

Meanwhile, Britain joins the fight as they don’t like Germany invading Belgium. Russia comes into picture too and Austria-Hungary can’t contain Russia so they ask Germany for help. So, Germany is fighting on both ends of its borders while Austria Hungary are having trouble with not only the Russians but also the Serbians.

Germany is somehow able to advance into the French territory while also advancing a bit on the Russian empire. Meanwhile, United States aims to stay out of it but decides to join eventually. In the end, Germany and Austria-Hungary are defeated after a long drawn conflict which lasted 4 years.

So, that is how the World War started and how Franz Ferdinand’s assassination played a massive role in the start of the War.

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