Andre Agassi on falling from grace and becoming a world champion again

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Andre Agassi is amongst the greatest tennis players ever. He has 8 grand slam titles as well as the career grand slam for winning the Australian Open, Wimbledon, French Open and Australian Open at least once.

Andre talked about the time when he became the World No.1 in 1995. Soon after, the next year in 1996, he couldn’t win any Grand Slam titles. In 1997, he suffered major setbacks and his ranking fell down to 141.

So, a lot of things were happening in his life at the time. He was abusing crystal meth allegedly on the urging of a friend. Agassi even failed an ATP drug test, but wrote a letter to the authority that his friend had spiked his drink. He confessed that the letter was a lie in his autobiography.

Agassi was also having troubles in his marriage with actress, model, and socialite Brooke Shields and had lost interest in the game.

In this video, Agassi talked about the changes he made in his life to get back to number 1 spot.

Andre Agassi is an inspiration for people who may think that their life has spiralled out of control. He talks about why winning and losing is merely an illusion and that what we should instead focus on is how we must instead aim to get better and do what must be done.

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