Monsoon: Tokio Hotel Song Meaning and Explanation

Monsoon is one of the most hit songs by the German rock band Tokio Hotel. Its German version was released on 15th August 2005 and the English version was released on 18 May 2007 which was part of the band’s first English album ‘Scream’. “Durch den Monsun” was named “Best Song 2005” at the Austrian Golden Penguin Awards and was also nominated as “Best Single International” at the Amadeus Awards in 2006.

Song Meaning and Explanation

This is just my interpretation. I could be wrong about this one. But, this is how I feel about it.

So, the theme of the song is most likely based around love in my opinion. Its about a guy who is alone. He is yearning for someone he loves. Now, it depends; this person could be his ex who has left him or someone who he is still with but she is probably far away from him or it could be someone he has fallen for. So, he is probably contemplating if he should go and unite with the person he loves.

The song Monsoon means change. I think for me it just means like that ….its the song that just changed our lives completely.

Bill Kaulitz on the song Monsoon

Monsoon metaphorically refers to the hard time in life probably and when he talks about running through the monsoon beyond the world to the end of time where the rain won’t hurt he is talking about how being with his loved one in this life can help him escape the misery of life in general. He has been waiting for the time when he will be with the person that he loves but later he feels inspired to take things into his own hands when he talks about the moment seems to have come.

So, the song is about a person who is missing someone that he loves. He hopes to be with her and is dreaming about spending their life together. Monsoon could be referring to the hardships or particular situations in life. Thinking about the person he loves gets him through those tough times and he believes being with her will lead to him being peaceful and happy. This is just my interpretation.

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