Kevin Durant and Kyrie fail to help the Nets win. Celtics could to sweep the Nets.

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Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving are among the best basketball players in the NBA. While both of them are incredibly skilled the Nets have lost 3 games in a row to the Celtics. Kevin although has an impressive resume overall, might never win a championship again if they lose this year.

Considering both Kyrie and Kevin had a lot to prove, this loss will affect them quite heavily at the mental level. Kyrie left LeBron in 2017, and joined the Celtics which he later left to join the Nets. Kevin left Golden State Warriors to join the Nets with Kyrie Irving. Kevin had suffered a lot of backlash from the media, fans, critics etc regarding his move to join Golden State Warriors and felt that he needed to leave the team if he wanted to build a legacy.

So, far both of them have been in the Nets for 3 years. The first year Kevin and Kyrie did not play in the playoffs. Last year, the Nets would have won if Harden, Kyrie and Kevin would have played together. Kevin had almost won the game for the Nets vs the Bucks with game tying 2 pointer had he stepped behind the line while attempting the shot.

This year, the situation seems really tough for the Nets specifically for Kevin and Kyrie.

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