Life Lessons from Vegeta in Dragon Ball Z

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So, Vegeta is the second most prominent character in Dragon Ball Z after Goku who is the main character. Vegeta was initially a villain then became an anti hero. So, in this article we’ll talk about Life Lessons from Vegeta in Dragon Ball Z.

The thing about Vegeta is that while Goku is depicted as the perfect character who never did anything wrong Vegeta was initially a bad guy with several character imperfections.

But, that is what makes Vegeta a lot more relatable to the normal people. Everyone is not perfect and has made mistakes in the past. Goku comes across as a polished character who pretty much has no growth(in terms of character) in the entire show.

As kids one always idolizes Goku but as adults people start to understand Vegeta.

Apart from that there is one instance in the show which stuck to my mind. It is when Vegeta narrates his story about becoming a supersaiyan for the first time.

Life Lessons from Vegeta.

Vegeta was motivated by the pursuit of becoming the strongest warrior alive. He knew he had surpass Goku(Kakarot as he calls him). Being the prince of all Saiyans he was full of pride and saw it an insult that someone else of the same race was stronger than him.

He wanted to become a supersaiyan and worked for it really hard. Despite all of that he wasn’t succeeding at first but eventually like he says when he doesn’t care about anything is when he turns into one.

Its mind blowing how true this story is when applied to real life. A lot of times when you let go and don’t care about something is when that thing happens in real life. When you don’t care and let go of a person, many times you will find them walking back into your life.

You work really hard at a job and go unnoticed for your efforts, but when you let go you find peace and recognition from people. So, life is very paradoxical in that sense.

Alright, so that is all I wanted to share in this blog post. Let me know what you guys think in the comments down below.

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