My opinion on Twenty One Pilots and their top 5 songs

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Twenty One Pilots is a musical duo from Columbus, Ohio. It was initially formed in 2009 with lead vocalist Tyler Joseph along with Nick Thomas and Chris Salih who both left in 2011. Later, the drummer Josh Dun joined Joseph and they have been together since. In this article we’ll talk about Twenty One Pilots Best Songs.

Twenty One Pilots enjoy phenomenal success with two of their songs: Heathens and Stressed Out. Stressed Out has around 2.5 billion views while Heathens has around 1.9 billion views as of now. These two are definitely their best songs in my opinion.

Twenty One Pilots Top 5 Songs

1. Stressed Out

2. Heathens

3. Ride

4. Bandito

5. The Judge

The group is still active and produces content regularly on their youtube channel. As far as music production is concerned, they haven’t had any major hits in recent years like they had during 2015-2016.

But, its good to know that the duo is still active and trying to produce music. I hope they come up with great songs as they still seem passionate about producing music.

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