Pain can be a weapon if you so choose

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This dialog was said by Tom Lone in Rogue Assassin. It is one of those movies that I remember for some reason. Not a very popular movie, however Jet Li and Jason Statham were both my favorite actors at the time so I remember it well.

So, now the thing is if you are undergoing pain in life then there is a lot you can learn from it. A lot of times people are too comfortable in their life to take decisions that are good for them.

Comfort zone will not cause you to grow. Now you have heard this several times and I don’t have to tell it to you over and over again. But the thing is if you have been through pain at any point of time in the past you know that it has always benefitted you in the best way possible.

When I was doing engineering (UG), I underwent a lot of pressure, pain etc because of a number of things that had happened. Looking back, I realize that if I had never been through those things I would never have decided to work on my passion. Also, it caused me to learn a lot of things about myself and things where I had been lacking. I wouldn’t be working on things that I am working on right now.

Pain can be a weapon if you so choose. A few months back, I didn’t have much workload or pressure at my job and I was considering to stick to it. However, things changed, I got transferred to a place where I had tremendous amount of responsibilities and tasks which caused me to ponder deeply about my purpose in life.

You see I had never worked a 9-5 job before in my life and I felt like maybe it could be a good experience. Although, I wanted my blog to work well and I felt like it might be worthwhile to work a regular job just to see what it would feel like.

Eventually, it felt nice and I felt that it was quite cool however at that time I stopped working on my passion. I even thought that I could work on this job eventually be promoted to higher positions in this career as well. Now, when I got transferred and when the work load increased I started to ponder upon my purpose. With each and every passing day it became more and more evident that I needed to follow my passion.

I feel that one reason why I didn’t get my manifestation so quick was because I personally wanted to experience a job and maybe that didn’t help in me doing my passion full time. But with the circumstances that I dealt with here, my aim is clear to me. I worked more on my purpose after having more pressure at my job compared to when I did when I had very little workload.

So, guys remember pain can be a weapon if you so choose.

Tom Lone

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