Poppy: The famous youtube persona you might not have known about

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Alright guys, so this blog post is to tell you people about Poppy – youtuber, singer and a lot of other things probably.

Now, I came across Poppy and her youtube channel sometime back in 2020. What intrigued me about her was not only the good singing skills that she had but also her sinister personality as can be seen in some of her videos.

Since, I have a habit of reading the comment section I came to know more about her, her story, her connection with Titanic Sinclair etc. The overall vibe I get from her is a very dark one. Well to tell you the truth she feels s*t*nic. I mean that is the thing with most of the artists and the music they produce not only nowadays but since an incredibly long time.

In her case though, it can be easily noticed. She produced a no. of videos that are straight up absurd to the normal population and she has amassed an huge no. of views them.

Anyway, you might want to know more about her. So, I thought I will give you the introduction.

Help us reach more people

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