Rejection Issues and not being Good Enough and the meaning of incidents.

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So, in this blog post I decided to talk about rejection issues and how they could affect people in general.

I have dealt with rejection many times in life at crucial moments like job interviews, people, relationships etc. So the thing is a lot of times some people might get the feeling of not being good enough when they are rejected.

Personally, when I look back I faced a critical rejection as a small kid. It happened when I was trying to be friends with a group that had older kids mainly and one or two might have been my age.

I think this was the time I felt like I didn’t belong with the friend circle that I was trying to enter and it felt really bad. Also, my close friend happened to be a part of that group and he was sort of taken away from me. So, for some normal person it might have been a usual incident however this was sort of important in the sense that I started to doubt my own self worth.

Even though, I forgot about this incident it had an impact on me at a subconscious level. I had trouble making new friends, dealing with people and also in a way there was a lack of self esteem. I was able to make new friends later on about 2-3 years later. However there happened to be similar incidents like these along the way where I felt like I didn’t belong to a certain group and things like that.

A lot of times people might go through certain incidents and generate meanings out of them. In my case, the meaning that I generated was that I was not good enough to be a part of a particular friend circle etc.

Now the thing is it all depends on the meaning you generate out of incidents that happen in your life. A person who had been really confident about himself would have generated the meaning that those people were stupid to let go of a person like me and I am lucky to have lost those people.

So, the meaning one generates out of things plays an important role in one life and a lot of people might never realize it. Generate a positve meaning from each and every situation that you face in life.

Peace, hope that helps.

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