Life is like Chess, you have to make the best move with the pieces available to you

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Chess is one game that I never knew would grab my attention the way it did. I went from playing chess maybe once or twice a year to playing multiple games everyday and then trying to give it up.

But, the thing about chess and about life is that you have to make the best move with the options available to you and you have to do it in time or else you will run out of it. This is also what Andrew Tate has said multiple times in his videos and reels.

When you apply this philosophy to life, you realize that you can actually win in life. You have to make the best move given your situation and see how it plays out.

So, at any given point of time what you can do is decide what is the best outcome, make sure that you don’t waste much time thinking about it and go ahead with the decision that feels the best.

It makes you realize that you are accountable for what happens to you and the result you get from your decsions.

Anyway, that was the entire point that I had to make and I won’t drag it further let me know your opinions in the comments.

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