Blinding Lights, The song that broke the Internet

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The Weeknd aka Abel Tesfaye was already a huge superstar before the Afterhours album was released. He had had several hits like Reminder, Starboy, The Hills and many more.

However, he pushed the boundaries further when he launched the ‘Afterhours’ album. When the song ‘Blinding Lights’ was released it spread across the globe covering different nations with its catchy 1980s pop sound breaking several records along the way.

It was at this time when he was literally the face of the music industry, with some people drawing comparisons with him and Michael Jackson.

Song Meaning

It was evident that Abel was longing to meet someone. People say that the song could be either about Selena Gomez or Bella Hadid. He broke up with Bella in November 2016 and dated Selena for about 9 months after that.

He talks about being lonely for a long time and that he was starting to feel withdrawals from not being with his love.

He decides that he has to do something about it and decides to hit the road at high speed even though its dark. He wants to reach her when there is no one to judge him. Now, maybe since he is a popular figure he doesn’t want the paparazzi to know about it. It could be that he is a bit embarrassed about not moving on from his past relationship.

The ‘Afterhours’ album was a series in itself. Blinding Lights showcased Abel going crazy in his car to reach his destination. It is probably the sequel to ‘Heartless’. He is dazed and high after doing drugs and couldn’t care less about where he is headed.

He is dancing on the road and also gets involved in brawls after which he ends up wounded.

That is pretty much the story related to the song. Let me know you opinions in the comments below.

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