Akame Ga Kill: The Anime that was great but did not live up to its expectations?

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Akame Ga Kill was released in 2014. I saw it a really long time back but I thought I could write a review about it since it is among the popular animes out there.

So, here is the thing. It is definitely among the better animes out there.

The fight scenes in the movie are good although some would argue that there are a lot of animes with better fight scenes. However, considering the plot, story and characters the fight scenes are up to mark.

The story line is good. I won’t call it incredible but it is interesting. I will say it is worth the watch. The characters are really attractive. LOL. Apart from that there is little backstory to each characters. That is what is probably expected from an anime that is 24 episodes long.

The anime is surely brutal and has a sad theme overall. The way the story progresses is also incredibly dark. Anyway, do watch the anime. I recommend it.

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