My opinion on Art of Dying and their best songs

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Art of Dying is a Canadian rock band from Vancouver, formed in 2004 by lead singer Jonny Hetherington and guitarist Greg Bradley. Later, Chris Witoski as rhythm guitar, bassist Matt Rhode, and drummer Flavio Cirillo were added by the duo. In this article, we’ll review Art of Dying.

Art of Dying Review

The band has produced some really good music. I personally did like their songs quite a lot when I used to listen to rock music. I still listen to them once in a while. I first came across their song called ‘Raining’ which featured Adam Gontier. I then checked out some of their other songs.


Currently, I don’t listen to rock music as often as I used to, but I thought some people who like listening to alternative rock style music might like this band.

Seen This Coming

All Or Nothing

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