Like A Storm: Alternative Metal Band Review

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Like a Storm is an alternative metal band from Auckland, New Zealand. It consists of the members Chris Brooks, Matt Brooks, Kent Brooks and Zach Wood.

Band Review

Like A Storm has produced a few tracks that I really love listening to. Personally, I love the following two songs by them.

1. Love The Way You Hate Me

2. Gangster’s Paradise

These 2 songs by the band are amazing. Love the way you hate me was released in November 2013 and Gangster’s Paradise was released in April 2014. The band has been active for a really long time since 2005. Gangster’s Paradise is actually a cover of the original by Coolio.

The band knows how to produce good songs with good rhythms and lyrics. They have a great expression, know how to build up anticipation and their music has a lot of energy. The band has been quite successful and is known for going on tours. Before the pa*demic, the band used to be active and perform live and they still release tracks on their youtube channel.

Personally, if you like listening to songs by bands like Three Days Grace, Skillet etc I would recommend that you listen to them.

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