How Me Myself and I explains G-Eazy’s character and his story as a growing artist

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Me, myself and I is a song by rapper G-Eazy and singer Bebe Rexha. It was launched on 14 October 2015.

Me, Myself and I Song Review and Meaning

So, this song is among my favorites of all time. While I was in college and going through my regular routine, I didn’t really understand as to what G-Eazy’s situation was as he depicts in the music video.

But, when I decided to work on my passion I felt it resonating with my condition.

Just never being able to escape the job. You’re on 24 hours a day , you got to find alone time. People always expect something from you. I’ve got these different personalities; I’m a Gemini. Sometimes I feel really, really gloomy.

G-Eazy on his inspiration for writing Me, Myself and I

G-Eazy talks about his life as a star and how being passionate about his work got him to where he is. From the music video, it seems like he is a natural introvert who doesn’t really vibe well with parties and social gatherings.

He mentions fake friends who want to associate with him because he is rich and famous who otherwise wouldn’t care about him.

While becoming a star, he was probably working alone at the time and didn’t hang out with other people. Now, that he has made it he doesn’t understand why people waste their time on partying which seems meaningless to him.

In the bathroom, where he has the conversation with himself, he is thinking about how he dreamed about it for years.

So, maybe being a star and having a good social life was a motivation of his while he was working. Although, now that he actually has that, he realizes that it is somewhat fake and superficial.

He knew that if he wanted to be successful in life, he had to cut off ties with certain people and make sacrifices such as wasting time in social gatherings.

Somehow, over the years he has developed social anxiety and doesn’t handle himself well in such situations. He is not interested in making friends or talking to strangers.

Bebe Rexha mentions her love for music saying that music has been her driving force in life and that she only needed music to stay alive. She doesn’t depend on other people for her well being.

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