The story and meaning behind ‘Ambition’ by Wale and Meek Mill and Rick Ross

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Wale was a great music artist in his time. There was one song by him called ‘Ambition’ featuring Meek Mill and Rick Ross which I still listen to every now and then. It was released on 1st November 2011.

It is quite a brilliant song which scores high in terms of rhythm, tune, melody and lyrics.

Song Meaning and Inspiration

Wale, Meek Mill and Rick Ross are all mentioning how they came from literally nothing to reach where they did. Ambition is not just merely about being rich and famous, it is actually about being able to accomplish what you set out to do.

All three of them are narrating their stories about how they grew up and the conditions they faced along the way.

Meek Mill talks about growing up in a violent neighborhood. His father was killed in an attempted robbery. His mother had to work odd jobs to support him and his sister. Meek Mill talks about how he had to sell d*pe to pay off his bills. There were times when he didn’t have a place to sleep other than cellar floors.

The Gl*ck 9 that he kept with him saved him when he got in trouble with gangs and criminals.

He knew he had a talent for music and wanted to make it big in the industry. Record labels didn’t get his message and kept turning him down until he became big and they were regretting their decisions.

Rick Ross also tells his story about how he didn’t have options as he came from the projects. He wasn’t in a position to win but his ambition saw his dreams come true.

Wale had great wisdom to sell in his lines as well. He talked about the importance of focus and commitment towards one’s vision. One must have one’s priorities right if they want results.

He also talks about the importance of family and how family comes first. One thing I love about Wale is that he knows his value and his potential and will stop at nothing to achieve his goal.

Anyway guys, let me know your opinion in the comments.

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