Adam Roa on how he manifested a million dollars

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Adam Roa is an artist, poet and a speaker. His aim is to help people understand the law of attraction and manifestation and help them live more fulfilling and abundant lives.

In a podcast, he actually talked about how he manifested a million dollars and the process behind it.

The important thing to understand is how to become a match to what you are trying to manifest. Also, in order to attract money you should know the energetics behind how money works and what it really means to be abundant.

Jack mentioned how he was in an ayahuasca ceremony where he had to surrender certain aspects about him like his bank account, his physical health and his mind. He was guided by the spirit to take decisions which ultimately led him to manifesting a million dollars.

There are certain times when one has to make decisions which might feel absurd to take given the conditions but you should take them to move forward.

Adam talked about how he had about thirty grand in his bank account and how he was asked to make a spoken word poetry album by the spirit which was a twenty thousand dollar investment.

It was an investment that Jack felt hesitant to take initially but ended up taking that decision because he knew that he had to do it.

It is essential to follow the guidance of the spirit. Also, you should not be hesitant to take big decisions when you know you have to take them.

Hope this helps you attract more abundance in your life. Let me know you opinions in the comments below.

Help us reach more people

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