Starset – My Demons Song Review and Meaning

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Starset is a rock band from Columbus, Ohio and it was formed in 2013. Starset happened to be the one band that got stuck in my head since day one of listening to them.

My Demons was the first song by the band that I heard and it resonated with me on a deep level. In fact, when I was going through bad times in college it was the go to song that I would relate to the most.

Dustin Bates the frontman of Starset  described the song’s lyrical premise as “downtrodden protagonist superhero gains power from love interest”.

I actually created the “Transmissions” album before there was even a band. We had the song “My Demons” out on the radio before we ever had out first rehearsal.

We did that because the record was done based upon the philosophy and the narrative of “The Starset Society”.

I sort of incorporated their outlook into the record almost as a marketing device for their society.

We are not the only tool being used to promote the society as they are using a variety of other media such as graphic novels and video. It’s cool to be a part of that and to be able to incorporate that into our record.

Dustin Bates

The song goes deep into how troubling circumstances and situations can be for a person. When life hits hard it can present you with all kinds of problems be it mental health, addictions and what not.

Its about a person who can’t take it any longer and is crying for help. It is about the times when you don’t know if you can actually pull through a situation.

When life presents you with failure over and over again, it is very common to loose hope. It is often during these times that people fall into a downward spiral.

The singer is in a situation where he doesn’t know if he’ll be able to fight his inner demons. He is most likely calling out to God to help him because he doesn’t see a way out of the tough place that he has been put in.

The song is one of the most emotional songs I have ever heard. It is one you would have come across if you have been watching AMVs etc.

Overall, I really liked the song. Let me know your opinion in the comments below.

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