Poppy is back! – V.A.N the collaboration with Bad Omens which could alter your life

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Something I didn’t to expect to reminded of in 2024 was Poppy. No, not the flower, I’m talking about the character that grabbed my attention about 3 years back with her cover of the song ‘All The Things She Said’.

She is amongst the most sinister personalities on the Internet and has a very dark backstory. There is a lot to her and what she is about but for we shall keep the discussion limited to her new song ‘V.A.N’.

Song Review, Meaning and Story

Well, I kind of new what I was expecting from Poppy – disturbing and diabolical music which is the theme of her life overall.

What I didn’t expect was the song to actually sound so good. From an artistic perspective ‘V.A.N’ is as good as it gets in terms of rhythm, melody and music video production.

The song is equally bad if you consider the message in the song which couldn’t be stressed any further – violence against nature. The video does show Poppy undergoing all sorts of unnatural things and her own personality seems robotic to the core.

The lyrics are a bunch of sentences which prove nothing much except perhaps Poppy claiming that she knows better than the rest and has reached some sort of made up level which puts her above everything. Its kinda unclear if she is referring to the audience or nature itself.

The video depicts Poppy as a patient undergoing a complete change of character. There is a huge emphasis on blood in the video which could put a lot of people uneasy right from the start.

You would hope that Poppy is only playing a character for creative purposes but considering the level of I don’t even know how to put it, atrocity, disturbance, unpleasantness it makes you wonder if she is balanced in real life as well.

Bad Omens did a fine job with this song. I didn’t expect them to collaborate with Poppy of all people but it happened because the Universe can make anything happen.

Overall, I only hope the best for Poppy and her videos somehow make me worried about her. Anyway, that was all I wanted to say about ‘V.A.N’. Let me know your opinion in the comments.

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