You won’t get results using forced actions

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Alright guys, so if you know about the law of attraction you would be familiar with how you attract things to yourself through the thoughts that you think. You won’t get results using forced actions.

However, as one studies this concept one realizes that there are several other things that need to be taken into consideration. One realizes that there are other factors such as the subconscious mind, limiting beliefs, self image, neediness, vibrations etc which also play roles in determining whether you get something or not.

You won’t get results using forced actions

Now, what is crazy is that one may be motivated to manifest certain things in life for example a car, an amount of money, a house, a job, a partner etc. But when one doesn’t get those things there is a tendency to take forced actions towards these goals.

The thing with forced actions is that they don’t get results. When you are trying to force your way to get things you will realize that it will mostly turn out to be pointless. As the book ‘The Secret’ describes it, it is like swimming against the current to reach the destination.

Now, there is a difference between forced actions and inspired actions. Inspired actions are something you are inspired to take, while forced actions are actions that you take in order to force your way to manifest things.

Recently, I had a problem with my computer. I spent the entire afternoon trying to find a computer shop and wherever I went the shops happened to be close. So, even though I was hell bent on finding the right repair shop I just couldn’t find it. So, I came back and let go of the situation.

In the evening, I had got an idea to check certain repair shops online and one of them happened to be open. I called the contact number and they said that I could attend them. I submitted my laptop and the next day I got it repaired.

So, this was just a small example on how forced action won’t lead you to results while a minimum effort that you may be inspired to take will get you the desired result.

The key lies in deciding a goal that you want to achieve and then letting go of the outcome knowing that its alright if it happens and its alright if it doesn’t. Then taking actions that you feel inspired to take towards your goal.

So, guys that was it. Hope you gained something. Let me know your opinions in the comments below.

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