Don’t Need You, the masterpiece by Bullet For My Valentine

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Bullet for My Valentine is the rock band every 90s kid would know of if they were fond of rock music. Their hit ‘Tears Don’t Fall’ was a classic which was played all around the world.

The band had been formed in 1998 and I actually thought that their best days were behind them. Their style was a bit too hardcore even for a rock fan like myself even though some of their songs really hit hard and I played them several times.

Like most bands which have been around for so long, you never really expect them to perform at the same level, let alone surpassing it but Bullet For My Valentine proved me wrong when they released some of their songs from 2015-2018.

‘Don’t Need You’ was a song that was released at the time and I felt like it could actually be their best song ever.

Song Meaning

The song is about expressing relief at the same time being angry over holding on to a sinking relationship. The exact meaning could differ depending on how you interpret it or how the singer thought of it, but it is the moment you realize that you have to move forward and let go of people.

The video is shot at a church where a wedding is taking place, but there is more than what meets the eye. There happens to be mistrust and disagreements in the relationship so it is not a typical happy wedding.

It’s heavy, it’s dark, it’s super-epic, it’s signature Bullet and I think when people hear it, they’ll lose their s–t. We love it, and I think it’s a hint of where the band is going next.

It’s not really a ‘doomed’ wedding as such… It’s really just a take on a concept I had. There’s this beautiful ceremony, and it appears to be all about love and trust, but there’s this undercurrent of mistrust and bulls–t to go with it. The church we filmed it in is perfect. It’s not your typical wedding venue – it’s really run-down and dilty. We thought that contrast would be really cool to have with the idea of the video. We wanted it to look really grand and ornate, but underneath it all, it’s a bit dirty.

[The lyrics] about people taking the piss, and trying to explain to people that you don’t need them to function – they need you. And it’s a bit of a selfish middle finger to people that take advantage of people.

Matt Tuck

As far as the song is concerned, we really saw Matt going over the edge with his vocals. They sound melodic and in tune despite him probably screaming at the top of his lungs. Meanwhile, Jamie Matthias was also incredible with his loud backing vocals and backing vocals.

Let me know what you guys think of the song in the comments.

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