Jamie Sea talks about what holds you back from success.

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Jamie Sea is a wealth expansion coach who helps people manifest large amounts of money through law of attraction and shifting mindset beliefs.

In the below video, she actually mentions key factors because of which people are not able to break through and reach the next level in terms of success.

One of the major problems that people face today is that several of them do embark on the journey to make more money and follow their passion, however they give up midway because things don’t seem to manifest for them.

Also, while some people might try, several of them don’t even bother starting anything thinking that it won’t make any difference.

As Jamie mentions, a lot of this ties down to old belief systems, identity work, resistances etc.

The subconscious mind has a lot to do with holding you back. It mainly comes down to negative belief systems and self sabotaging.

The goal of the subconscious mind is to keep you safe. It doesn’t care if you are happy or sad as long as you are safe. There are old belief systems, thought patterns etc that you have to change so that you get the success you want.

An example of how self sabotaging plays out in real life is – lets say you open your business but find yourself making less money.

There are certain actions that you know that you can take in order to get to the next level. It could be paying money for advertisements or launching a different set of services.

However, you are skeptical of trying out new methods because they cost money and you don’t want to spend money thinking that you already have less money.

You might also think that the new set of services that you offer might not be successful.

So, you don’t innovate and move further in the direction of where you are meant to go which again keeps you stuck in the previous pattern.

Then what happens is people start to think that perhaps earning more amounts of money is not for them or it is how it is for them.

The key is to overcome resistances and negative thought patterns. That is the key element which keeps people stuck in most areas of their life.

So what you have to do is work on yourself, understand your negative beliefs about money, yourself or your capabilities that might be holding you back from achieving more success.

It is all about overcoming your mental blocks, limitations and changing the stories that you tell yourself.

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2 thoughts on “Jamie Sea talks about what holds you back from success.”

  1. Jamie Sea’s insights on what holds us back from achieving success are truly eye-opening. It’s amazing how our own limiting beliefs and fears can hinder our progress towards our goals.

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