Blame Me!: Music Band Review and Best Songs

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‘Blame Me! is an alternative rock band which hails from Helsinki, Finland. They have been uploading music on their YouTube channel since 2017.

The band draws inspiration from their personal experience and struggles to create music with resonant lyrics that is aimed towards helping people with similar problems.

They are very passionate about the music they produce and want to create a positive impact on their listeners.

They create their owns songs as well as produce covers of popular songs. These are two of my favorite songs/covers by them.

Personally, their cover of ‘In The Shadows’ is one of the best I have ever heard. What I like about their style of music creation is that their songs are filled with emotion and you can actually feel it while listening to their songs.

1. Blame Me! – In The Shadows(Originally by The Rasmus)

2. Blame Me! – Infected 

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