Barack Obama talks about a third term as the President

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Barack Obama is definitely amongst the most influential Presidents the United States has ever had.

What is really intriguing about Barack is that he actually hasn’t done anything notable for the United States. Few things like Obamacare and other reforms may come to mind but I feel like the media always portrayed a very positive image of him even though at the core of it all there wasn’t much to be proud of.

Obama won the Nobel Peace prize in 2009, even though he embraced the US drone programme which reportedly conducted more strikes in his first year of presidency than Bush carried out in his entire tenure.

Putting that aside, Obama seems to be the one to call the shots even when he is not the current President. He has more influence than anyone in the politics apart from maybe Donald Trump.

You can literally see in clips how everyone is flocking to Obama for discussion and no one really cares that much about Joe Biden.

In this interview, Obama actually talked about his ideal way of running his third term as the POTUS. He mentioned taking decisions with someone else as the front man.

For some reason, a lot of people feel that this is actually happening with Joe Biden as the front man.

Anyway, this was just for your information guys. Let me know what you feel in the comments below.

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