Kevin Dorin: Music Artist Review and Best Songs

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Kevin Dorin is a singer and songwriter from Idaho, United States. He specializes in Americana music and has a unique style of music creation.

His form of music is simple with minimal production and he often completes his recordings in a single take. Apart from creating music which is his passion, he also develops and mentors new talent.

He runs a free to enter songwriting competition-: which is currently under judging process. They currently have about 60 song submissions which you can listen to on the website.

He also sources talent for a world class music venue @livefromthehive which is a live music venue in Sandpoint, Idaho.

Personally, I love two of his songs – ‘Fugitive’ and ‘I Am Not Afraid’ which really caught my attention. His style of music is pleasant and sounds incredibly relaxing and fun. Make sure to check out his YouTube channel.

1. Fugitive

2. I Am Not Afraid

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