Rey Macc : Music Artist Review and Best Songs

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Okot Mark aka Rey Macc is a singer, songwriter and music producer who hails from Uganda.

He was interested in music since a very young age and started practicing music in elementary school. He began producing beats in 2011 when he got FL Studio which was introduced to him by his fellow student in high school.

He has come a long way since then. He made his first debut in Uganda Music Industry with production credits on multiple records while also collaborating with artists like Lamu, J-Wats, Play O1, Isaiah Mi7, Ivory Namara, The Mith, Lagum and many more.

His music is incredibly smooth and soothing to sound. His tracks are very melodious and have a calming effect on one’s mind.

Come Back Home and Save Me are 2 of my favorite songs by him. Do check out his other music on his YouTube channel.

1. Come Back Home

2. Save Me

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