My opinion on Trapt and the controversy surrounding their lead singer Chris Taylor Brown

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Trapt is an American rock band consisting of vocalist Chris Taylor Brown, bassist Pete Charell and guitarist Brendan Hengle.

The band was formed in Los Gatos, California in 1995. During the decades there have been several changes in the band members with some leaving and new ones joining. Chris and Pete have stayed on with the band since the beginning.

Now, Trapt in my opinion has one really great song called ‘Headstrong’ which is basically the song that placed them on the spotlight. Trapt was a massive commercial success and the band is mainly known by that song.

As of now, Trapt has been struggling to make good records. They are still active but hardly anyone pays attention to them.

Although recently, Chris Taylor found himself in tight situation when he posted certain comments on twitter which garnered a lot of negative reaction from the general public that was noticing them.

Chris got Trapt’s twitter account suspended after he wrote mean comments related to pedophil*a.

This backfired on the band in a huge way and their recent album called ‘Shadow Work’ only sold about 600 copies.

With that being said, their song Headstrong is absolutely my favorite by the band.


Personally, I love listening to this song. I like the aggressiveness in the song while still being rhythmic. The music video is amazing too.

It gives off the vibe of how people lived their life in 2000s. Now, I mean this is not what used to happen in my area but it is sort of reminiscent of how people enjoyed themselves at that time.

Echo is another song worth listening to by them.


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