The relationship between Logan Paul and Nina Agdal.

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Logan Paul is amongst the most well known personalities in the world. He has always been a hot topic for reasons good and bad. Nina Agdal is a Danish model who is also the swimsuit cover girl for Sports Illustrated.

The two are engaged and are expected to get married soon. Now, both parties have had their fare share of criticisms for their actions in the past.

This relationship has gained a plethora of attention garnering opinions from people in different communities and fields worldwide.

The so called ‘red pill’ community also seems to have taken interest in their relationship. Nina Agdal has been in several relationships before and is infamous for her flings with multiple people.

Logan on the other hand seems to be mad in love with her to the point that he is blind to her faults. Nina actually made Logan Paul wait for his turn while probably hooking up with several people at the time.

Recently, Dillon Danis had a lot to say about their relationship during the press conference leading up to their fight. Adin Ross, Sneako and Andrew Tate also have their expert comments on the matter.

I don’t know what magic Nina has done on Logan to make him go crazy for her. She actually thinks of herself as the prize in the relationship. It probably might be due to the fact that Logan has been simping for her and so she has taken him for granted.

Overall, the situation does seem pretty fake for both Logan and Nina. Personally, I don’t understand why Logan is getting into it but I think that is his choice and he is the best judge.

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