Jake Paul and Team 10: Everyday Bro

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Alright guys if you don’t know who Jake Paul is, he is Logan Paul’s younger brother. In case you don’t know Logan too, Logan and Jake are brothers who have over 20 million subscribers on youtube each. Now, Jake has been getting a lot of flak mainly because of the villain persona that he has created for himself.

Jake has been into the boxing scene recently and won against a lot of famous personalities like Tyron Woodley, Ben Askren, Nate Robinson etc.

So, back in 2017 when Jake was reaching new heights with his youtube career he made a song along with Team 10 called ‘Everyday Bro’. As of now the song has around 290 million views on youtube.

The song has around 3.1 million likes while the dislikes were at around 5.4 million when the dislike count was still visible on youtube (according to the comment sources).

Jake had a seemingly ugly falling out with some if not all the team 10 members specifically the Martinez twins who posted a video about how the situation was with Jake Paul.

Anyway, this was the video and it attracted a lot of attention at the time. Pewdiepie reacted to the video and Bart Baker also made a parody of it.

Logan Paul diss track on Jake Paul.

Logan Paul made a diss track on his own brother too.

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