Leon Edwards wins Welterweight Title against Kamaru Usman

So, Leon Edwards faced off against Kamaru Usman for the Welterweight title at UFC 278. Leon had faced Kamaru in 2015 and lost to him. He finally got his chance 6 years later to avenge his loss and he did.

The fight was one that was awaited by a lot of UFC fans as both Leon and Kamaru are phenomenal fighters. Kamaru being the champion with a 20-1 record, while Leon Edwards had a 9 fight win streak coming into the fight with his last loss being against Kamaru himself.

Kamaru would have won the fight as he had more number of significant strikes in most of the rounds, but Leon managed to win in the last round by knocking out Usman.

Meanwhile, Henry Cejudo couldn’t believe what happened as he was watching the fight expecting Kamaru Usman to win it.

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