A look at Conor McGregor, the most entertaining UFC superstar ever

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All people who know UFC know about Conor McGregor and vice versa. But in case you don’t know either, Conor Mc Gregor is the legend who skyrocketed UFC(Ultimate Fighting Championship) to a level it had never been before.

Now, Conor was a great fighter in his time, but of course there had been better fighters than him in UFC history. However, he has been the most successful in terms of the money he earned in the business.

A reason why Conor became massive was his funny persona and Irish accent. His humor drew views from the crowd who always wanted more of him.

A lot of people might consider him a has been who has now become more or less relevant. However, no one can deny that the entertainment he has showcased the world.

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Help us reach more people

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