Sal Costa talks about how to use mindscaping to achieve success

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Salvatore Costa is amongst my favorite music artists ever. The first time that I came to know about him was when I was listening to a band called ‘My Darkest Days’.

I didn’t know what it was but something about Sal made him stick in my mind for a long time. I’ve followed him on YouTube although he rarely posts on social media.

About 3 years back, he had opened up about his struggles with depression, addiction and hitting rock bottom and how he bounced back from it.

As of now, he seems to be doing well in life. He has invested in business and is doing pretty well financially.

Sal talked about a technique called mindscaping which he used to manifest success. Its a technique in which you go to bed every night seeing your dream come true. You can use it to manifest money, love, relationships and success.

The important thing is to not give up and keep going in the direction in which you want to go. Sal talks about how you have to push through especially when you are being tested.

Sal his band mates didn’t give up on their dream of becoming famous even when they saw their friends becoming doctors, lawyers etc. At no point of time did they let doubt creep their minds.

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