Dr. Lothar Von Blenk-Schmidt: Scientist who escaped the concentration camp using the subconscious mind

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The book ‘Power of your subconscious mind’ talked about a particular incident where in a scientist used the subconscious mind to escape a concentration camp in Soviet Union.

So, Dr. Lothar was trapped in a concentration camp and mostly the inmates in there used to die because of hunger or other conditions. They were made to work for long hours and the situation was miserable. Each person had to fill a quota of coal that was assigned to him. If a person fell short of the target then his ration would be cut down. The camp was difficult to escape as it was constantly monitored by officers and brutal guards.

Dr. Lothar recalls that he spoke to the subconscious mind saying ‘I want to go to Los Angeles and you are going to find a way’. He started focusing on his escape and he knew that the subconscious mind would find a way.

Everyday, he would imagine scenarios like he was in Los Angeles for example driving an automobile in the roads of L.A.. So, one day he got the opportunity to escape. The prison guard was calling the inmates through their numbers. Dr. Lothar’s number was 17. The guard called his number and Dr. Lothar stepped aside. Meanwhile, the prison guard was called away for a minute and when he came back he called out 17 and started on the next person to Dr. Lothar. The next person to Dr. Lothar joined as the 17th person and then that is how the numbering was done after that. The line of men took off and they didn’t notice that Dr. Lothar was not in there.

After that Dr. Lothar walked out of the concentration camp undetected. He walked for a long time and was able to catch a train going to Poland. From there he went to Switzerland with the help of some friends. Eventually, he met a couple who had a house in Los Angeles. The man invited him over and that is how he was able to end up in Los Angeles.

So, this story is quite remarkable in terms of how you can use the subconscious mind to escape your situation no matter how bad it is. The subconscious mind will give you guidance as to how to solve problems and overcome obstacles. If you learn to trust it, it will give you the desired results.

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2 thoughts on “Dr. Lothar Von Blenk-Schmidt: Scientist who escaped the concentration camp using the subconscious mind”

    1. Well, to be honest I did not come across any source apart from the book. However, compared to the other stories in the book this was definitely amongst those that were quite believable considering the name of the person and his designation were given. The book was published in 1963, so it could be that we might not find any other source about it on the Internet since it happened a long time ago.
      Personally, this story resonated with my understanding, so I took it how it was told. At the same time, I am simply reporting the incident that was mentioned in the book.

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