The lesson from Robin in Teen Titans

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Robin has always been my favorite character from the DC Universe. There was a scene from a particular episode which was stuck in my mind.

So, Robin is seeking a master to train with, while he has a competitor who is doing the same. In the episode, we find Robin going through the hard path which is filled with obstacles while his competitor often uses shortcuts and cheats his way to the top.

He gains Robin’s weapons and wants to reach the master at the mountain top before Robin does. Robin is tired and demotivated to continue on the path as he sees his opponent get there easier than him.

He starts to question if there is any point in going up the mountain after facing so many challenges while the other guy just seems to get there easier than him.

It is at that point when his mentor appears to guide him and help him continue on his path.

Often times in life, we try to accomplish certain goals and find others succeeding despite putting in less effort than us. It causes disappointment when we see that we are unable to succeed despite doing everything.

We might see people who don’t have the right attitude and work ethic getting ahead of us while we might feel stuck and burdened with challenges.

We must not look at other people who have it easy in life. There is more than what meets the eye. You never know the circumstances of other people and might have no idea of what lies ahead of them.

Also, you have no idea of when things might work out for you so keep going. Always pursue your goals until you reach them.

Help us reach more people

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