Darryl Anka talks about the 5 Universal laws

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Darryl Anka talked about the 5 Universal laws that are responsible for the reality we experience. He has his youtube channel where he channels Bashar a multidimensional friend from the future.

Darryl gives profound knowledge on subjects like reality, creation, manifestation, vibration.

In this video, he talks about the 5 Universal Laws.

Law 1: You exist

This law states that you exist and that you shall always exist. You are a conscious being and consciousness never dies. The physical body may die, however your consciousness won’t. You will take birth again and you will experience after life too.

Law 2: Everything is here and now

The law actually states that every thing can be accessed in the present moment. Space and time are a projection of our consciousness. If we want to experience a different reality we must change our frequency. It is similar to when we flip channels on T.V to see different shows.

Law 3: The one is the all and all is the one

There is only one thing and everything that seems different is made out of that one thing.

Law 4: What you put out is what you get back

Darryl says that people confuse it with the law of attraction. While you have to be the vibration of a thing to attract it. So, people are left thinking that they have to learn what the vibration of that thing is.

Bashar says that you are already giving off that vibration because that is your natural core. So, you don’t have to learn the vibration but rather you have to let go of the blocks usually fear and limiting beliefs in order to attract it.

Law 5: Everything changes except the laws

The laws are ever-present. Matter constantly changes. Perspectives, experience, beliefs etc may change with time. However, the laws will always remain the same.

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