Jay Z explains why DMX was a crazy genius at Lebron James’ The Shop

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So, I came across this video in which Jay Z talks about DMX in the barbershop. Now, unfortunately DMX passed away this year in April. I was naturally curious to see what Jay Z had to say about DMX.

DMX at one time was one of the most popular rappers and his career suffered a lot because certain things that are too hard to explain. DMX’s life was crazy tough from the beginning as a kid and later on in life as well. His journey in the music industry is another topic to be discussed. Meanwhile, Jay Z narrates the incident of his experience with DMX at the hard knock life tour.

Jay Z being a popular rapper at the time spoke about how DMX and they were competitive. Jay Z spoke about what happened when he met him in the concert that they were together. DMX had a special energy about him which influenced people in a crazy way. Jay Z spoke about how DMX made the whole arena cry during that tour.

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