The deep meaning behind Lupe Fiasco’s ‘Words I Never Said’ ft. Skylar Grey

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Lupe Fiasco whose real name is Wasalu Muhammad Jaco is an American rapper and entrepreneur. He was amongst the prominent rappers in the industry till about 2013.

One of his songs ‘Words I Never Said’ was one that I really took note of when it was released. It was a political rap song which touched upon various subjects like war, drugs, terrorism, etc.

The idea is that Lupe observed things that were happening and didn’t want to stay silent on them. He felt a burning need to talk on those issues that were echoing in his mind.

He witnessed crimes and injustice that had been done by the government and decided to speak out on those matters. He mentioned how divisions were created in society on several basis be it race, community, ideas and beliefs.

He even called out Obama for being silent on humanitarian crisis like Gaza strip, meanwhile carrying out attacks on nations and justifying them with petty reasons.

He talked about how the common people are plagued with issues that no one pays attention to, like the education system, the medical system, capitalism, terrorism, media etc.

The education system is actually making robots out of children and ruining their creativity. The doctors and psychologists push drugs upon people which don’t solve the problem but only make it worse in the long run.

People keep working at meagre wages and are barely able to sustain themselves while people at the top enjoy the fruits of the ones working for them. Drugs and liquor are pushed upon people to keep them lazy and unproductive.

The system is pretty much designed in a way to ensure that the power remains with a select few and the masses never understand it. The media only pushes certain agendas while brainwashing people with irrelevant information so that they never understand what is important in life.

Lastly, he talks about taking action against the suppression and injustice. He feels like he should’ve said these words earlier and regrets not doing so.

So, this is what the song is about. Let me know your opinions in the comments below.

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