How to deal with difficult times? What to do when things are falling apart?

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So, how to deal with difficult times? What do you do when things are falling apart? So, in this blog post, I will talk about how to handle tough times.

A lot of people, if not everyone undergoes problems in life. Perhaps,some people suffer more while some suffer less, however, we all agree that everyone undergoes tough times in life. Now, when times are tough what should you really do? There are certain things that you have to undergo in life. Especially for people who have big dreams, life usually does make you undergo a lot of suffering for you to learn things that are essential for you as you move forward in life.

Now, in my case while I was doing engineering I underwent a problem that really shook my world. I never thought that such a thing would ever happen in my life. So, as a result I found myself with no sense of direction. I would attend classes pretty much dead inside because I didn’t really know how to handle it. My state of mind was really bad and I was clueless about how to go forward. The situation was such that I couldn’t find any purpose in life. I couldn’t focus on lectures in the class. Studying even for 2 hours felt like torture for me. I would just write exams hoping to pass. I always passed my subjects luckily. I had a narrow escape when I managed a P(just pass grade) in Electron Devices and Circuits. While writing my exams, bad thoughts would pop up in my head constantly and it was just difficult to concentrate.

In this first sem I scored a 7.9 GPA which was pretty decent and I must have been in the top 30% of my class. When the turmoil happened in the 2nd sem my grades fell down to 6.9 GPA. I think I went from being in the top 30% to bottom 30% in just 6 months. Ever since then, no matter how hard I tried I could never pull up to more than 7 GPA ever. However, these times caused me think for myself. What did I want out of life? What do I really want to do? Why has this thing happened to me? How do I get over this?

Years later when I looked back I realized that these things were a blessing in disguise. Had I never undergone those problems, I may have been living an ordinary life like everyone else. Those things caused me to change as a person and I am grateful for tough times like those. I realized that I would never have been in the place that I am now today. In times like those, one truly understands the value of life and the fact that life must not be squandered away.

In the end, have faith that things are going to be alright. Remember there is always a solution to everything. There is a way out of every problem. Face your problems because it is always better to solve problems than ignore them. Think about your problems. Find a solution to them. Follow your intuition and you will eventually get to where you want to be.

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