Mike Shinoda explains ‘Lost’ and why Linkin Park didn’t release it earlier

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Chester Bennington passed away on 20th July 2017. His death was a huge loss to the entire rock community and it also changed the course of Linkin Park’s direction of music. Linkin Park had been on the lookout for a vocalist but have been unable to find anyone who could fill the void that Chester had left behind. So, Here’s Lost Song review.

Ever since his death, the band has released two songs till now that have featured Chester Bennington’s vocals – Lost(2023) and She Couldn’t(2020). Lost was released recently on 10th February 2023 and has amassed 13 million views in just about 5 days.

Lost Song Review

Lost was actually produced in 2002, at the time of Meteora and even though the song was totally complete, the band decided not to release it at that time because they already had ‘Numb’ on the album which was similar to ‘Lost’. So, the band felt that it wasn’t the correct time to release ‘Lost’. The band has not done any major changes to the song and released it pretty much as it is.

At the time, if I remember right — it was a long time ago. The inspiration was looking back on memories that you get sucked into. And you just get immersed in that nostalgia, or good feeling or bad feeling. In the case of this song I think there was a bunch of not-so-good stuff.

But it’s bittersweet, it’s a mixed bag. Because there’s good stuff in there, too. Things aren’t black and white or cut and dry. And that’s what I like about the lyrics of the song.”

But it’s also a song that was this close to being on the record. The one right on the other side of the line was this song ‘Lost’ and the only reason it didn’t go on is because it had the same intensity of ‘Numb’.

Mike Shinoda

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