Eerie Simpsons Predictions

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Alright guys, so in this blog post I decided to talk about certain predictions that Simpsons made and which happened in reality.

Well, some people might say that they made several predictions and that a select few of them coming true was a huge probability in itself. With that being said, these are certain events that took place in real life.

Apart from Simpsons there are other sources that also have predicted these things happening a long time ago. However, Simpsons is highly popular for making these kinds of predictions.

1. Donald Trump Presidential Campaign and his walk down the escalator

So, a feasible explanation about this one could be that Donald Trump saw the Simpson’s episode about him and decided to mimic it. However, the face that Donald actually ran for president and that Simpsons suspected is somewhat hard to believe.

2. 9 11 Prediction

The 9 11 prediction by the Simpsons is definitely very suspicious. What is crazy though is that several videos have gameplays in which the twin towers are being destroyed. So, a lot of people aka(conspiracy theorists) believe that 9 11 was an inside job.

3. COVID Pandemic

Simpsons did predict some sort of a disease around 27 years ago before the COVID pandemic. However the picture(thumbnail of the video) is quite astonishing. The picture is actually edited with the words coronavirus written later. This picture is taken from a later episode that was still aired 10 years before the COVID pandemic. Still, the meeting of the so called world leaders to produce a disease similar to COVID is quite definitely creepy. This is somewhat similar to Event 201 a meet which happened about a month before the first COVID case.

4. Lady Gaga and her Superbowl performance

The Simpsons showed Lady Gaga performing a concert wearing a silver dress and flying over the crowd. This epsiode was launched in 2012 and Lady Gaga’s performance was done in a similar way in 2017 Superbowl halftime.

There are definitely a lot more predictions. However, these were the ones that stood out to me the most. Let me know your opinion in the comments below.

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