The Best Songs by Camila Cabello in my opinion

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So, I decided to review Camila Cabello as an artist and look at the best songs of by her. Camila was initially a part of a music group consisting of 5 women called ‘Fifth harmony’. The group is somewhat similar to ‘Little Mix’ in my opinion in terms of how their style of music is.

Anyway, Camila had a falling apart with the music group because she didn’t mesh well with the other 4 singers. I believe both Camila and the other 4 people are to blame for her leaving. But, looking at how her career blew up after she left the group I felt it was good that she broke up with them.

Camila walking away from the girl band is not the only thing that she is known for. She has had her own career, made a number of hits by herself and currently has more subscribers than the ‘Fifth Harmony’ on youtube.

Apart from that, she has been in the news for mistakes she committed in the past which included spreading racial posts. These posts have put stains on her image and her career has suffered because of that. So, yeah there is all sorts of news floating about her and she is somewhat feeling the heat of it, I suppose.

Anyway coming to the music that she has created- I particularly like 2 of her songs.



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