Tinie Tempah – Written in the Stars ft. Eric Turner Song Review and Meaning

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Tinie Tempah released a song called ‘Written in the Stars’ on 19th September 2010 featuring Eric Turner as part of the Disc-Overy album. The music video of the song was released on Youtube on 13 August 2010.

Song Review and Meaning

‘Written in the Stars’ is his most popular track ever and it is the song that Tinie is best known for. I feel like it has a good rhythm, chorus and has a great lyrics as well.

Now, I can be wrong about the meanings but this is my interpretation. The song is about his success is written in the stars meaning that it was bound to happen. His songs are famous and he has made a fortune out of them.

Today, he is considered to be a great musician and now he has amassed huge amount of wealth however he faced a tough childhood growing up.

Through the video and the lyrics we get an idea of how his childhood was and the things that he underwent while being a kid. Despite, being from a poor background he had a dream and wanted to make it big. At times, he was left hungry with no food and when he ate at certain places he didn’t give any tips as he couldn’t afford to.

He was somehow ridiculed about certain things perhaps simply because he seemed a bit different than the rest of the people. The lack of concern for him as a kid probably made him bitter and he felt like he had something to prove the society that mistreated him in a way.

Also, when people start chasing their dreams they realize that it is not easy as it looks and one comes across several problems and obstacles towards realizing their dream.

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