Breaking benjamin: The Diary of Jane Song Meaning and Interpretation

The Diary of Jane is one of my favourite rock songs and it is definitely one of the greatest songs ever produced in rock history. In this article, we will talk about the possible story and meaning behind the song.


The music video starts off with Ben Burnley staring at the grave of someone he loved. That someone turns out to be the girl lying on the bath tub. She probably drowned in the bath tub and died. In the video she wakes up and runs around the house. She realizes that there are no mirrors in any of the rooms.

At last, she reaches a room where all the mirrors have been placed. When she looks in one of the mirror, she is not able to see her reflection signifying probably that she is a ghost. Later, Ben places a rose next to her photo on the diary. He closes the diary which is placed on her gravestone and walks away.

Jane Bryan

The name on the grave stone is Jane Bryan. Jane Bryan was an actress whose career lasted only for 4 years from 1936 -1940. Jane’s role was played by Season 4 American Idol contestant Sarah Mather in the song’s music video. I don’t really know if Jane has any connection to any member of Breaking Benjamin considering she never acted in movies after 1940. Her name even appears at the end of the Angel’s fall video again by Breaking Benjamin. I don’t really know why the band decided to reference her twice in different videos.

Story and Meaning

Note: This is the meaning and story in my terms. It may not be the real meaning or the story that the writer has in mind. This is also what I read according to some sources that may not be reliable. However, this is what I thought it might be about.

Coming back to the meaning of the video, in my opinion the song is based on unrequited love. The girl that the guy loved had passed away. The guy probably thought that the girl who he loved also loved him back. However, when he finds her diary he is curious to know more about what was written in it and see if she has written anything about him. To his astonishment, she doesn’t mention him anywhere in the diary. To make matters worse, the diary mentions all the guys she had affairs with apart from him. Hence, the statement ‘ As I burn another page, as I look the other way, I still try to find my place in The Diary of Jane ‘.

So, he is pretty shocked at the realisation that she didn’t love him and had other guys on her mind instead. He places the rose on her diary and closes it maybe signifying that despite all of that he still wishes love for her after her death and decides to leave the place after that.

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