The Dark and Creepy Story behind DMX’s ‘Damien’ Series

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DMX also known as Earl Simmons was among the most popular rappers in the 1990s and the early 2000s. DMX seemed to have an unmatched passion and drive for music. His style of music was bold and fierce something that I have never experienced on the same level in any other artist. So, here’s Damien Trilogy Song Meaning.

DMX experienced the peak of stardom and also the backlash that came from it. DMX never wasted any opportunity to criticize the industry just like several other superstars(Michael, Kanye etc). DMX suffered a lot in the process. His struggles with the media and the d*vil(according to DMX himself) was out there for everyone to see.

Damien Trilogy Song Meaning

Damien is a particular song by DMX which garners a lot of attention. Damien trilogy consists of 3 parts– Damien Part 1, The Omen(Damien Part 2) and Damien Part 3. The Omen is the second part which also features Marilyn Manson- the person notorious for all sorts of heinous acts.

DMX tells his story in the song. Growing up in poverty, DMX faced adverse life conditions. Becoming a rapper or a hiphop artist was probably the only way that he saw himself getting out of poverty and that is what he did.

However, what he most likely didn’t know at the time was that there was a huge price to pay for his fame and fortune. The song Damien mentions him and his conversation with the d*vil and the sacrifices he had to carry out to maintain his stardom.

In the end, DMX realized that the only way he could save himself was by turning to Jesus which I believe he did. He was an active critique of the music industry and also very vocal about his Christian faith. The system obviously didn’t like this coming from him and decided to sort him out. DMX suffered a lot but in the end I feel things sort of came right for him.

DMX passed away on 9th April 2021 and the reasons according to media were a coc*ine induced heart attack. Personally, a lot of things about DMX have been manipulated when displayed in the media so its hard to know the absolute truth. DMX left his mark on the world and is definitely an inspiration for several people undergoing struggles in this world.

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