Bill Gates opens up about Jeffrey Epstein saying their meetings were a mistake

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So, Jeffrey Epstein was a billionaire who was convicted and later proven guilty of traff*cking and rap*ng minor girls. He was known to have maintained contacts with several high profile and powerful figures all over the world like Bill and Hillary Clinton, Bill Gates, Prince Andrew etc. Bill spoke about Bill Gates-Jeffrey Epstein ties.

Bill Gates actually spoke about the close ties that he had maintained with Jeffrey Epstein. A lot of people have been questioning Bill Gates as a character for associating himself with Epstein especially after he had been convicted for sex crimes.

Melinda Gates is reported to cited Bill and Epstein’s friendship as a cause of concern and a reason for their divorce. Some people are finding this absurd and are also accusing her of basically leaving a sinking ship.

Meanwhile, Bill Gates says he regrets being friends with Epstein and that is was a mistake to have associated with him. According to Bill, the main reason why he maintained contact with Jeffrey was because he maintained contacts with Epstein was because Epstein had relationships with people who were interested in medical health which was a similar interest that Bill had.

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