How good was Russell Westbrook?

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I feel like people have forgotten how good Russell Westbrook was in his prime. These few seasons he has been performing low and a lot of people criticize him claiming that he doesn’t have good basketball IQ.

Well, his team work skills are at question and so his demeanor during games. However, in terms of abilities he is one of the most athletic players ever who can get to the rim, score, dunk on people, rebound, assist etc.

Russell Westbrook is the only player to average a triple double for 3 straight seasons and to average a triple double for 4 times in 5 seasons. He won the Regular Season MVP in 2016-17 NBA Season. This video is just to show and remind people how good Russell Westbrook was.

Currently, his shooting seems to have gotten a lot worse than before even though he was not considered to be a good shooter in the past too. His athletic abilities are still great.

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