The Dark Side of Feminism no one talks about

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Alright guys, this is one issue that hits a lot of nerve for some reason. Now, before I dive deeper into the issue I want to make myself clear that I am not against women empowerment or women education. In fact, I do promote it.

I believe it is essential for a woman to be educated, to be able to fend for herself and to be financially abundant. Each person must have his or her goals and go after them. Women or anyone for that matter must be free to take any decisions they want, however it should be noted that their decisions must not have an overall negative impact.

There is a specific aspect which I believe a lot of people did not look into while promoting feminism. I think enough has already been done to uplift women.

We have promoted women education, increased women’s reservations in politics, created policies in favor of women along with many other things.

The truth is that feminism has gone overboard whether you like it or not. It has attacked society in an enormously detrimental way.

Feminism literally attacked motherhood and homemakers making it seem that women who took care of their family were being suppressed. The view has become such that homemakers are in a way looked down upon even though it is the natural job of a woman.

According to feminists, it is okay to serve your boss but you are devalued if you serve your own family.

The movement has in fact taken an ugly turn where in women are somewhat given unfair advantages. If any law or policy has ever been biased, it has always been in the favor of women.

Yet feminists think that women are suppressed because they are not paid equally and men are the ones who are paid more.

Women brainwashed by this movement have forgotten that men are the ones working the most dangerous jobs. Most people working in construction sites are men. Most people fixing the sewers are men. Most people having dangerous jobs are men. Men in sports are the ones that are bringing in the revenue. Most people adding value in corporations are men.

Women want equal rights as and when it suits them but when it comes to equal responsibilities we see a huge chunk of them backing off.

Women are thinking that men are the ones who have all the pleasures and privileges but they don’t realize that men are the ones who are suffering the most as well.

Women have been trying to emulate the characteristics of men. They see having careers and ambitions as women empowerment and most of them focus too much into it that they neglect their own relationships.

Women like that end up unhappily single in their late 40s without children and regretting the decisions they took when they were young. So many women have gone on record blaming feminism for the choices they made when they were young.

The generation and the system has made women feel entitled during their young days and they are all about feminism when it suits them right but reality check hits these people hard eventually.

Anyway, there are several points which can be made on this topic. But, the important thing is to strike a balance. Women should be educated and encouraged to get jobs. However, motherhood and homemakers should be encouraged as well.

The system needs to take into account the problems of the entire generation and sexes rather than simply favoring one over the other.

That was all I had to say for now. Let me know your opinion in the comments below.

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