Neale Donald Walsch explains how God works and why you may not have anything you want.

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Neale Donald Walsch is best known for being the author of the series ‘Conversations with God’. He is also a screenwriter, actor and speaker.

Neale is one of the teachers in the book ‘The Secret’ where he gives his profound knowledge on the law of attraction.

According to him everything you could ever ask for you already have right now but you simply may not be experiencing it.

The reason is because everything that has ever happened is happening now and everything that will ever happen is also happening right now.

All possible realities exist at this point and you can choose the reality that you want to experience by being a vibrational match to that reality.

Also, God operates in a different way than what most people think. God can only say ‘Yes’. Therefore, whatever you assume be it good or bad will come true the way you think of it.

Also, when you desperately need something, God makes conditions such that you will continue to need that thing. The thing is when you need something you are vibrationally saying that you don’t have it currently, because if you had it you would not need it.

When you state things, you have to understand the core of where those words emerge. Are they coming from lack or abundance, from hate or from love etc.

In case of people who have only seen a lack of things in their life, it is going to be difficult for them to feel otherwise because of the evidence that their eyes portray them all the time. In that case, you should never judge by appearances as Neale mentions.

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